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Travel & Tourism Venice

With the ever increase in air travel and people going on holiday, the greater the need for individuals qualified in travel and tourism. The industry itself is very diverse and employs millions of people worldwide across many travel and tourism fields.

If you are a people person, enjoy visiting new places and have the energy to make someone’s holiday that extra special, then a Travel & Tourism Online Course could be right for you. From people who put together holiday itineraries, tour guides to providing excursions and day trips, the industry is endless and spans across various fields.

Although it is possible to enter the travel & tourism industry without any qualifications, having a recognised course will maximise your chances of entry and progression. Refer to the Expat College online course comparison engine to find the desired course.

Available Online Courses

An online course in travel & tourism is desirable if you’re looking for a career path within this industry. Here are some of the fields of study that you can expect to find.

Travel & Tourism Courses | Basic English for Tourism Courses | Tourism Studies Courses | Historical Landmarks & Tourism Courses | International Tourism Courses | Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses | Tourist Information & Tours Courses | Retail Travel Sales Courses | Estate Agency Courses | Travel Destinations & Patterns Courses

Progression after Online Course

Upon completing a travel & tourism online course many students decide to go on to study other topics within the travel & tourism industry. It is needless to say that the more relevant qualifications you obtain in this industry, the higher the chance of building a career. Those who are seeking to enter the job market straight after their studies can find jobs in some of the following things.

Travel Agent | Tour Guide | Hospitality Workers | Tourism Marketing | Airport Workers | Tourist Transportation | Excursion Organiser | Travel Researcher | Travel Writer

What next?

You may find more to read about in our How-to guides section, otherwise, please use the Expat College secure online course comparison engine to find the right distance learning course for you. Here you will also be able to easily compare online courses and view the latest offers.

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