About Expat College

Expat College is dedicated in collating educational material for expat kids from a variety of global academic institutions and companies – brought together under one roof. Quickly realising that just because a parent chooses to work abroad, it doesn’t mean, that their children should miss out on the same academic material that kids back home do. We have partnered with numerous providers, professionals in their fields, to provide parents with a one-stop location in which to obtain schooling material for their kids.

Many parents also enjoy furthering their studies. However, finding the right distance learning course, whilst abroad isn’t easy either. That is why Expat College has also partnered with numerous course providers to allow expat parents to effortlessly compare online course costs, course durations, certifications and locations.

Learning doesn’t always have to be serious though, so for a little fun we offer an entertaining How-to guide section where you can read about varying informative subjects. In this section you will find everything from “How to adopt the right puppy” to “How to create an efficient sales funnel” with many more articles.

Expat College provides Educational Material for Expat Kids

Why use Expat College?

Our idea came from the belief that education should be available to everyone, regardless of location, budget and time. That is why we strive daily to provide our customers with a great online platform in which to choose the right educational material for expat kids.

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  • Educational Resources for Expat Children

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  • Informative and free How-to-Guides & Articles

  • Online course comparison website for adults

  • Customer support should you need it

  • Podcasts & Informative Videos

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