Key Stage 3 Revision

Through EdPlace´s website and App, your child can progress quickly in their Key Stage 3 Revision and do well in their tests. With a clear path to follow, you child will quickly achieve their educational goals. Age and individual ability specific topics are designated, with constant monitoring to ensure successful progress. Let your child´s confidence grow as they progress through every practice test paper.

Key Stage 3 Revision English

Year 7 – Designed for children aged from 11 to 12, worksheets will help our child learn about comprehending fiction writing and poetry, common spelling errors, build on their reading grammar, writing, punctuation and much more.

Year 8 – This year is designed for children aged 12 to 13 and guides your child on the path of preparing for their GCSE English. Along with building a deeper understanding of grammar, punctuation and writing styles, it also expands on your child´s reading ability and sentence structures. Included are also other interesting topics covered.

Year 9 – For ages 13 to 14, this year is again designed to prepare your child for their GCSE English. It is structured so that your child will build on their already acquired knowledge in punctuation, writing styles, spelling, grammar and vocabulary – but it will also teach them to analyse writing and speaking skills. Other topics are also covered for an overall revision.

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Key Stage 3 Revision Maths

Year 7 – This year helps children aged 11 to 12 to build their confidence in mental arithmetic, angles, lines geometry, graphs, fractions, special numbers, algebra, problem solving and much more.

Year 8 – Focusing on preparing children aged 12 to 13 for their GCSE Maths, this year builds on your child´s already acquired knowledge. Various topics are covered, which include mental arithmetic, graphs, coordinates, word problems, percentages, equations and much more.

Year 9 – This year builds upon topics learnt in previous years and focuses on further preparing your child for their GCSE Maths. Worksheets incorporate many relevant topics, including, algebra, decimals, mathematical skills, algebra, special numbers, data and statistics and so forth.

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Key Stage 3 Revision Science

Year 7 – During this year your child will learn about the human body, animals, space, planets, motions and forces, the periodic table, and other topics in chemistry, biology and physics. Worksheets have been designed for children aged between 11 and 12.

Year 8 – Preparing your children aged 12 to 13 for their GCSE Science, this year focuses on building knowledge in chemical sciences, the Earth, energy, fuel, electricity and many other scientific topics.

Year 9 – Aged for kids between the age of 13 to 14, this year continues in preparing your child for their GCSE Science. Various topics are covered through interactive worksheets, including, forces, motion, the human body, animals, plants, space and planets.

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Expat College Key Stage 3 Revision

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