Key Stage 2 Revision

Allow your child to excel in their Key Stage 2 Revision with the help of EdPlace. Through the website and App, your child will learn, follow a path and achieve the grade they want. Watch your child grow in confidence as they complete topics assigned to their age and abilities. With clear set out paths to take and constant monitoring of progress, you and your child will feel confident as you progress through each successful practice test paper.

Key Stage 2 Revision English

Year 3 – This year is designed for ages 7 to 8 and builds on the foundations of previous years. Your child at this stage will focus on prefixes, suffixes, spelling, plurals, the correct usage of apostrophes, the correct use of a dictionary, adverbs, punctuation and much more.

Year 4 – Building on the previous years, year 4 is designed for an 8 to 9 year old, and focuses on building familiarity with books (myths, fairy tales & legends). The correct use of grammar, vocabulary and proof-reading for errors are also covered.

Year 5 – Specifically catered to children aged 9 to 10, this year builds on the reading ability of your child (fiction and non-fiction, plays and poetry). They’ll learn how to build stories, read aloud and use tone correctly. Along with much more, they’ll also learn to spell using silent letters.

Year 6 – For ages 10 to 11, this year focuses on how language is used, building constructive views, developing ideas, using singular and plural verb agreements. Your child will learn the correct use of the colon for building lists, hyphens and relative clauses, etc.

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Key Stage 2 Revision Maths

Year 3 – This lower key stage 2 maths year has been designed for 7 to 8 year old’s. Your child will focus on place digits, writing and reading numbers up to 1,000, subtracting and adding three digits, multiplication and division of the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. In addition, they’ll also learn to measure shapes and tell the time, amongst other things.

Year 4 – Designed with 8 to 9 year old’s in mind, this lower key stage 2 maths year aims to build on your child’s previous knowledge. In addition, they’ll also cover multiples of 6, 7, 9, 25 and 1,000. Times tables up to 12, decimals, different measurement units, and much more.

Year 5 – This year is for 9 to 10 year old’s. In summary, your child will cover number ordering up to 1.000,000, counting in 10’s, learning Roman numerals, factor pairs, square numbers, cube numbers, metric and imperial units, volume, 3-D shapes and understanding mathematical tables, and more.

Year 6 – Catered to children aged 10 to 11 years old, this year sets out a predefined path for learning multiplication and division of four digit numbers, rounding whole numbers, simple fractions, simple algebra, linear number sequences, miles and kilometres, diameters and circumferences, etc.

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Key Stage 2 Revision Science

Year 3 – This year is designed for 7 to 8 year old’s and focuses on learning about plants, seeds, the human skeleton, muscles and movement. In addition, your child will also learn about lighting, how shadows are formed, reflective surfaces, fossils, properties of objects and much more.

Year 4 – Building on the previous year, this year is for 8 to 9 year old’s. Amongst other things, your child will learn about the digestive system, the food chain, materials (liquids, gases and solids), human teeth, water cycles, electricity and sounds.

Year 5 – Catered for 9 till 10 year old’s, key stage year 5 Science will teach your child about mammals, insects, birds, human ageing, comparing materials, understanding earths movement, gravity, the sun and the solar system. Other topics relating to the year 5 science curriculum are also covered.

Year 6 – The last year in key stage 2 science will cover numerous topics including, learning about the heart, blood vessels, the effects of exercise, lifestyle choices and drugs. Your child will gain an understanding of evolution and the way in which light travels.

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