What is the UK UCAS & UCAS Clearing Service?

Firstly, what is UCAS in the UK? The University & College Admissions Service, or more commonly known as UCAS, is the United Kingdom’s primary university and college student admissions system. This centralised service is what students in the UK, or wishing to study in the UK, apply through for an undergraduate degree. The UK UCAS Clearing Service forms part of UCAS and is provided as a last attempt to get you on to a course. The service is fee based and allows you to choose up to five education establishments to study at. In general distance learning and academic institutions [...]

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Top places to study on your UK online courses

Where to study during your UK online courses? Doing an online distance learning course is often a great idea, especially if you are trying to fit in education with a busy professional or family life. The ability to study where you want and when you want is paramount in providing you with the best chances of succeeding. UK online courses are great for boosting you current knowledge, obtaining new skills or refreshing existing talents. Expat College provides various distance learning online courses from UK academic institutions, allowing you to find the right study course for you. Expat’s in particular find [...]

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