Social Care Overview

Social Care of the Elderly

Care work is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a civilised society. The ability to look after some of the most vulnerable people in society is fundamentally vital and requires individuals fully qualified in providing the relevant care needed.

So whether that includes looking after older people, children, young people, people with disabilities or mental health issues, having the right skills, knowledge and desire is important. Studying a Social Care Online Course and finding work in the field can be a very rewarding and emotionally fulfilling one.

So whether you’re interesting in providing care as a nurse or to a homeless person, the social care field encompasses many different career paths.

Available Online Courses

As an extensive subject, it is unsurprising to find many courses specialising in different topics. These are some of the subjects currently available.

General Social Care Courses | Nursing Courses | Social Care for Children Courses | Social Care for Adults Courses | Social Care for people with mental health Courses | Health & Social Care Courses | Care Courses | Health Sector Courses | Safeguarding Courses | Care Planning Courses

Progression after Online Course

Obtaining a social care diploma will allow you to progress onto a higher level of study. Alternatively, you may also wish to supplement your study with further related social care courses. Expat College has multiple social care related courses online which are great for distant learning. Some students decide to pursue a career within the field once they have completed their online course. These are some of the more popular jobs on offer:

Care Worker | Social Services Officer | Mental Health Carer | Alcohol & Substance Abuse Carer | Teacher | Domestic Abuse Carer | Fostering Officer | Family Support Officer | Carer of Young Children

What next?

Once you know what social care subject you’d like to pursue, use our online course comparison engine to find, compare details, costs and place a booking. We would also recommend reading some of the relevant articles in our How-to guides section. Here you’ll find tips on how to study from a distance and what to expect from online courses.

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