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Studying a language course not only opens up your world to experience different cultures and ways of thinking, it also gives you a greater chance of building a career in languages and of moving to work abroad.

Many students go onto teach their chosen language to others, either for an institution or as a freelancer. Depending on the level, many online courses focus on learning daily common phrases, together with conversing in real-life situations and general grammar.

Therefore, whether you want to expand your current knowledge of your own native mother-tongue, or want to learn an additional foreign language – studying a language online course can be a very rewarding one.

Available Online Courses

With so many different global cultures in existence your choice of language to study can seem endless. Here are some of the more popular choices:

Business English Courses | Foundation English Courses | Intensive English Courses | English as a foreign language | Spanish Courses | Italian Courses | Japanese Courses | Portuguese Courses | French Courses | German Courses | Russian Courses | Swedish Courses | Simplified Mandarin (Chinese) Courses

Progression after Online Course

Through the completion of the course, an individual can either continue with their education unto a higher level or start on a different language course altogether. Expat College has a large selection of courses available, at various levels. If the completed online course is from an accredited body, you may start to look for relevant career. Some of the more popular career paths include:

Copywriter | Language Teacher | Voice-over Actor | Online Writer | Tour Organiser | Translator | Foreign Diplomat | Interpreter | Foreign Negotiator

What next?

Use our secure online course comparison tool to discover what language courses we have on offer. Easily compare the courses, its fees and schedules. You’ll also find the latest deals on offer and be able to book. Don’t forget our How-to guides section is also available for free and contains lots of useful tips and advice.

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