Interior Design Overview

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The wonderful art of interior design is all about enhancing a buildings internal space to bring a more pleasing environment to its occupants – in essence, a form of space planning to create healthy and pleasing environments.

By undertaking an Interior Design Online Course you will be learning to combine different design concepts to make functional, beautiful and safe environments. This is achieved primarily through the use of lighting, colours, patterns, textures, shapes and furniture forms.

In doing all this, the interior designer must also understand accessibility laws, building codes and regulations. Studying an online course in interior design can be a very rewarding and interesting one.

Available Online Courses

The study of interior design can take many paths. Some of the most popular subjects within interior design are as follows:

Interior Design Courses | Industrial Design Courses | Industrial Design Technology Courses | Residential Interior Courses | Residential Planning Courses | Architecture & Interior Design Courses | Interior & Retail Design Courses | AutoCad Courses | Decorating Courses

Progression after Online Course

Upon completing a course in interior design, you may then look into studying at a higher level or specialising within a particular field, for example; commercial interior design. Expat College provides multiple other online courses to choose from. You may also consider seeking out employment opportunities within the interior design world. Many of past students go into career paths such as:

Interior Designer | Graphic Designer | Furniture Designer | Stylist | Textile Designer | Digital Designer | Architect Assistant | Industrial Designer

What next?

Refer to the Expat College course finder section and make a search for interior design courses. Here you’ll be able to easily compare available online courses and check out the latest deals. If you’re looking for bite-sized tutorials on various subjects then why not have a read of our How-to guides.

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