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History of Egypt

Knowing where we came from gives us a better understanding of the world we live in today. It also helps us not to repeat previous mistakes and better understand our civilizations.

The field of history is an extremely varied one. It can be based on a particular event, such as World War II, Industrial Revolution, or on specific nation, such as the Spanish Empire, Napoleon’s France. Whichever field you decide to study, you will no doubt have a passion for everything historical.

Studying a History Online Course is often the best method for those students unable to commit to a campus-based course. The study itself does not necessarily only apply to human history, but can also refer to the history of plants, specific animals and even space itself. Whatever field interests you here at Expat College we’ll no doubt have the right online course for you.

Available Online Courses

A study subject that encompasses many topics and fields. These are just a few areas you can specialise in.

General History Courses | Egyptian History Courses | British Empire Courses | Aztec Empire Courses | Industrial Revolution Courses | Portuguese Empire Courses | Mongolian Empire Courses | Age of Discovery Courses | World War I & II Courses | Age of Napoleon Courses | French Revolution Courses | History of Art Courses

Progression after Online Course

Once you have completed a course you can either further your study within the same field, but at a higher level or choose an additional topic to study. Use the Expat College secure online course finder to search for relevant subjects of interest. Alternatively, many students decide to find a job once they have completed their course. Jobs that you can apply vary considerably; however, these are some common career paths undertaken.

History Teacher | Museum Guide | Tourist Guide | Archaeologist | Historical Writer | History Presenter | Researcher | Conservationist | Heritage Manager

What next?

If you’re interested in a history career, then have a look at the Expat College online course comparison engine, to easily find and compare the right online course for you. Our How-to guides section may also provide further reading material.

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