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If you have a natural desire to help people and are a good listener with the ability to get people to open up to you, then a Counselling Online Course could be the right choice for you.

Although many countries do not require by law any qualifications to be a counsellor, it is your moral duty to be as informed and prepared as possible, if you wish to help people. By studying counselling you are learning about the best practices and strategies for giving care.

You will start to understand the various types of tools, to help people deal with family issues, depression, conflict, abuse and many others. With an online counselling course you will gain the understanding of when to help a client or when to refer them to seek alternative medical help.

Available Online Courses

This field is so diverse that many online courses exist specialising in different topics of study. These are a few courses in existence to choose from.

Therapeutic Counselling Courses | Counselling Courses | Social Study Courses | Psychology Courses | Schizophrenia Courses | Family Counselling Courses | Rehabilitation Courses

Progression after Online Course

Completing a course in counselling will allow you to progress onto further education, at a higher level and ultimately onto a chartered level. Expat College provides plenty of distance learning courses to choose from and that may interest you. Gaining a diploma will also allow you to apply to gain relevant experience through mentoring or work placement.

Many students decide to apply for job related roles in the National Health Service (NHS), local government or even open up their own private practice. You can potentially gain employment in one of the following areas:

Social Worker | Counsellor | Occupational Therapist | Human Resources | Prison Services | Teacher

What next?

Find your desired counselling online course by using the Expat College secure online course finder or have a look at our How-to guides for related material. If you have any questions then simply send us an email.

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