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How-to change engine oil in a car

Changing your engine oil If you’re looking to save money during your car’s next service, consider doing the motor oil change by yourself. To change engine oil in a car is relatively easy, although you will need an understanding of what to look for and what to do. If the oil drainage plug and oil filter is easy to access, then doing the motor oil and oil filter change yourself could be a viable option and will save you money. Consult your car’s manual as to their locations and also for information on oil type, and frequency of change. In [...]

How-to change engine oil in a car2018-09-26T21:48:58+01:00

How-to stencil patterns onto walls & furniture

Stencil Patterns – What is it? If you’re thinking of doing something unique to your walls and furniture, then consider adding some stencil patterns. For those of you that aren’t sure what stencilling is, then the simple explanation is that a stencil is usually a pattern cut out from paper, metal or plastic, where paint is then added over its surface, to create a pattern onto the desired surface. This pattern can then be repeated to make beautiful designs. The art of stencilling dates back to the cave painting era. Here people would use their hands, covered in “paint”, to [...]

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How-to remove alcohol stains from your wood

Remove alcohol stains - The process Like many, we all spend most of our time at a study desk – be it in the living room, bedroom or dedicated study. Nowadays, some desks have a glass or plastic top, although the majority that can be found are still wooden. The benefits of online distance learning means that you can study from anywhere - be it a park, beach or cafe - we found however, that the most common place is still at a desk in a quite part of the house. It’s also not uncommon whilst studying, to have a [...]

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Dog Personality – Which type to choose?

Dog Personality - Which to choose? Dog personalities, similar to those of people, can be very diverse and can change throughout their lifetime. Although you can’t control how a dog will ultimately turn out to be, you can minimise the chances of adopting a dog that won’t be suitable for you. It is important therefore to know what type of dog personality will best fit into your personal and social life. You don’t want to end up with an over aggressive family dog or likewise a shy dog that hides away during social situations and is constantly nervous. You can [...]

Dog Personality – Which type to choose?2019-11-09T15:11:04+00:00

How-to stop WhatsApp downloading media files on Android

What's WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a freeware application which was founded in 2009. Currently owned by Facebook, this multi-platform instant messaging and VoiP service allows people to send messages, voice calls and video for free. With an estimated 1.2 billion global users, WhatsApp is available on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. With the recent privacy concerns across the internet, WhatsApp together with Open Whisper Systems provides an end-to-end encryption for extra security and protection of privacy. WhatsApp auto-downloading media files on Android Many users, whilst communicating with others do not want WhatsApp downloading received media files automatically onto their [...]

How-to stop WhatsApp downloading media files on Android2018-09-28T15:50:52+01:00

How-to choose a puppy for your family home?

Choose a Puppy - After much discussion You have finally decided it’s now time to add a new, furry, four-legged friend to your family. You have researched various dog breeds to try to find out what fits best with your lifestyle, and even located a reputable breeder with a litter of new pups. Now all that’s left is to painfully choose the right puppy from the litter. A task that will no doubt be one of the hardest tasks to do when presented with multiple cute and cuddly puppies. Remember that there is no perfect puppy test to find the [...]

How-to choose a puppy for your family home?2018-09-28T15:50:28+01:00
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