Dog Personality – Which to choose?

Dog personalities, similar to those of people, can be very diverse and can change throughout their lifetime. Although you can’t control how a dog will ultimately turn out to be, you can minimise the chances of adopting a dog that won’t be suitable for you.

It is important therefore to know what type of dog personality will best fit into your personal and social life. You don’t want to end up with an over aggressive family dog or likewise a shy dog that hides away during social situations and is constantly nervous.

You can often train a dog out of some personality traits, but this often requires a professional dog trainer or an experienced dog owner. These are the main puppy personalities to look out for:

Dog Personality – The Bully

The bully dog may seem very social and interactive at first. But notice if it likes to steal toys from other dogs or plays rough. This type of puppy may also try to scale the enclosure or climb on the backs of its litter mates. These are signs of determination and will power, but the bully personality may not fit well with your home life. You will need to have lots of time to challenge and take care of this type of dog. So if you have other demands on your time or a lot of stress in your home life, the bully dog may not be for you or your family.

The eager to please dog

Dog Personality – The Rebel

This dog is a quick thinker, fun-loving and engaging. They may be playful and energetic like a bully dog, but more sensitive and less aggressive. Rebel dogs will be persistent, without being headstrong. So they are a good match for an active owner or a family with older children.

Dog Personality – The Independent Thinker

This type of dog is interactive and playful, but also happy sitting or playing with a toy on their own. These dogs are a good match for a home that is stable and calm, possibly with older owners with no children.

Dog Personality – The Eager to Please

The eager to please dog may seem obvious. After all, who doesn’t want an eager and excited dog? But you will need to be a direct and firm owner with eager to please dogs. Lots of training and reinforcement will be needed for this personality type. But with good training and discipline, an eager to please dog can show you full cooperation. These dogs make great family companions.

Dog Personality – The Relaxed Dog

This personality type may be less intelligent than their siblings, but they will balance play, interaction and sleep well. They will also be a great fit for relaxed, easy going owners. Go for a relaxed dog if their personality fits their breed and you are looking to complement a home environment with young kids.

Dog Personality – The Timid Dog

Also known as the shy dog, these guys are not born with a strong sense of self. So they may crawl on their bellies towards you or arch their back in total submission. You may be sucked in by the sweet, timid nature of these dogs, but a timid dog personality will need a lot of time and patience to foster their self-esteem and get them comfortable around others. They are more suitable for single owners with lots of time for training and attention, rather than a family environment with children.

It is important to keep in mind that the breed of the dog will often also affect their personality traits. If you are choosing a puppy then make sure you discuss the pups’ personalities with the breeder to get a better sense of how their breed corresponds with their personality. With this in mind, please let us know below about your personal experience of the correlation between various dog personalities and their breed.

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