Remove alcohol stains – The process

Like many, we all spend most of our time at a study desk – be it in the living room, bedroom or dedicated study. Nowadays, some desks have a glass or plastic top, although the majority that can be found are still wooden. The benefits of online distance learning means that you can study from anywhere – be it a park, beach or cafe – we found however, that the most common place is still at a desk in a quite part of the house.

It’s also not uncommon whilst studying, to have a snack, hot drink or even an alcoholic beverage, resting on your wooden desk. Often, this is when the dreaded white circle stain appears! These alcoholic white stains aren’t damaging the wood below, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look awful. The alcohol has merely damaged the wood sealant / varnish, which luckily doesn’t always require the need to re-varnish.

Repaired Wooden Study Desk

If this has happened to you, and you have been desperately trying to remove alcohol stains from your wooden furniture, then before you consider re-varnishing the whole piece, try these three easy steps from Expat College instead:

  1. With a soft cloth add a few drops of cooking oil to it. Any type of cooking oil will do, from canola and coconut oil to olive oil. We also recommend lemon oil.
  2. Softly and in a circular motion, rub the oiled cloth over the alcohol stain on your wooden desk. If required, you can add more oil during the rubbing process. Continue this circular motion until you have removed the alcohol stain completely.
  3. Now all that is left is to wipe the area clean of any remaining oil with a dry cloth.

Remove alcohol stains – Things to note:

  • The about method can also be used with furniture polish.
  • If after having attempted to remove alcohol stains from your wooden study desk but failed, you may have to accept defeat and have the wooden furniture professionally re-varnished.

If this has been useful and you have encountered this situation before, then let us know in the how you dealt with it in the comments below. For more informative guides on hundreds of topics, refer to our How-to guides section.

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