Benefits to Distance Learning

There can be many benefits to distance learning as opposed to the traditional campus-based method. All that is really required is a good internet connection, a computer, email address and word processing program (depending on the actual subject). With a global increase in popularity, online distance learning has seen a surge due to people’s busy lifestyles and increased global internet coverage and speed.

Online distance learning has many benefits compared to traditional learning methods. The following are some advantages to keep in mind when you come to decide what’s right for you.


The ability to study from anywhere is one of the major benefits to distance learning. You’ll have the ability to study from home, work or even whilst on holiday anywhere in the world.


For many the only downtime they’ll get is during the night or weekdays, especially if you happen to have a family and the kids are at school. Other commitments mean that having the flexibility to study when you can is extremely advantageous, especially for those who consider retraining for a change of career.

No Deadline

The peace of mind gained from knowing that you can take as much time as needed to complete your online course is priceless. If you need a week or a month to hand-in your assignments, distance learning provides the flexibility to do so.

Flexible Start Date

As well as being flexible with how long you can take to complete a course, online course providers are also flexible as to your start date. This advantage means that you can find and pay for course now, and then start it only when you have the time. Great for making sure you don’t lose out on deals.

Loads of Subjects

Gone are the days when you would only find a few online course subjects to study. Nowadays, so many different course subjects exist that you would be hard pushed not to find the right subject and course for you.


Online distance learning provides a level of convenience that is simply unmatched with traditional methods of study. If you have a busy lifestyle, online courses are great for fitting around your schedule.

Save Money

Studying online as opposed to a campus-based method means you’ll no doubt save money on commuting to/from your place of study, in addition to saving on eating out and because all your study material is online, you won’t need to purchase lots of books. Some online courses do give you the option to have the study material sent to you via post, if you prefer to have hard copies. Alternatively, you can also download the material and print it.

High Standards

Online courses nowadays are held in the same high standards as traditional courses, both academically and professionally. They contain the same modules and topics as campus-based courses and cover the same areas. Professional accredited courses are marked with the same high standards as conventional courses and require the same level of commitment.

Same Resources

Online courses provide the same resources compared to its campus-based counterparts. Not only is the study material similar, in many cases you will also have access to a wealth of online resources, such as books, manuals and articles all at your fingertips.

Extra Study Resources

A key benefit to studying online is that in many cases you have access to webinars, podcasts and with Expat College, our Free How-to guides.

Active Student Life

Just because you are studying online doesn’t mean you won’t have an active student life. Many students on the same course meet to discuss subjects and socialise. Many course providers also have a student dashboard with access to monitored online forums, chatrooms and much more.

Tutor Feedback

Likewise, studying online doesn’t mean you will be detached from your course tutor. Many online tutors provide various methods to contact them to discuss your progress, assignment marks and gain invaluable feedback.

With so many advantages to online distance learning, you’ll no doubt be keen to start as soon as possible. Why not use the Expat College online course comparison website to find the perfect online course and study subject for you. You’ll also be able to leisurely compare all the special deals on offer and click-through to book.

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